Heartcratfed for Everyday




Client: DFS
Deliverables: Concept, TV Campaign, Video, Photography 

Leaders in the sofa and home furniture industry with high levels of brand awareness in the United Kingdom, DFS wanted to make the same connection with the Dutch market but needed some help in making that ‘click’ with a new consumer. Making a connection with a product purely through sales tactics couldn’t work, for us it had to be with a story and an emotion that would connect the consumer to the brand.

So, we focused on all those stories and emotions that happen around a sofa; the waves of feelings, the close moments, the shallow breaths and euphoric cheers. The sofa became the hero of everyday life.    

We realized that DFS was not simply making sofas, they were crafting a place that would play a significant role in all of our lives. A place where you could feel more everyday.   

Our concept won the hearts of DFS, and Video Director Lisette Donkersloot won our hearts with her eye for colour and emotional instinct. Together, we created an online and TV commercial that was something extraordinarily new for the brand and the market.       

And of course, we had to capture everything with photography that could hold the same emotion in a still instant and creative copy that could pinpoint a relatable feeling within just a few words. Together, these elements worked symbiotically to create the customer’s and DFS’s story.       

Whoever said not to work with animals or kids, didn’t say it quick enough for us to hear. There’s a little something for everyone in this campaign.      

DFS, Heartcrafted for Everyday.   

Creative Agency: Flirt Creativity  

Creatives: Gabriel Mihailescu  

Account: Marielle van Schie  

Director: Lisette Donkersloot  

Producers Caviar: Ilse Joye, Cleo Steyfkens  

Agency Producer: Anna Smolovyk  

DOP: Robrecht Heyvaert   

Sound: Claudio Mendonck  

Edit: Brian Ent (Kapsalon)