Concept | Production | Technical Implementation

The lines between online and offline are blurring. So are the way Gen Z lives, plays and studies. For them, navigating a hyperconnected world is second nature. So, how can a traditional institution like ROC Midden Nederland college be seen as attractive and innovative by their target group? How can they generate interest amongst students and communicate their campus and courses in a way that doesn’t require students to make the physical trip to open days?

Not content with doing things the normal way, we created a concept for a video that would answer the client’s brief through gamification and a gripping storyline set in the school.


Never ones to take the easy route on a project, we knew straight away that we had an opportunity to do something very different and fun for this project.

So, we created an interesting plot that would take us through the Healthcare, Design, ICT and Technology departments as well as the general school. By getting inspired by the personalities of our starring cast and weaving in everyday experiences and interactions that are so familiar to our target group in a dystopian narrative of a school experiment gone awry, we created a plot and visuals which were relatable, fast-paced and rousing.

‘When four ordinary students find themselves locked in a deserted school after a project mysteriously goes wrong, they embark on a joint adventure of self-development that changes their relationships forever. Play the multiple-choice video to discover the secrets of ROCM Amersfoort.’


Using some of the school’s student talent for the cast, it added an extra layer of authenticity to ROCM’s appeal to new students. With a compelling video treatment, engaging script and incredible team, the result showcases how doing things that little bit differently from your competitors can make a huge statement.

Furthermore, we worked together with partners on the technical implementation. By knowing that the conventional video player would force the viewer to become a mere spectator and would therefore never support our intention, we set out to create a custom player which put the viewer front and centre of the action.

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